Russell James


"Dreamy melodies, encompassing rhythms..."
- The Bandcamp Diaries

"Elaborate guitars, distinct husky vocals... a solid and highly enjoyable listen."
- The Artist Central

"A fine collection of well-executed songs and, for all his stylistic wandering and effortless genre-hopping, there is a consistency that comes from a combination of skill and the artists own personality which makes the music recognisably his own."
- Dancing About Architecture 

The Oregon-based singer is pushing the stereotypical idea of folk and recreating it with his sheer individuality...Truly soul-soothing and strangely intriguing, each of the musical creations is capable of putting up a deep impact.
- Daily Music Roll

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October, 2021

We are now in the twilight of our second weird year. I have only played one show since Mar 2020. It hasn't been easy, but one thing that's kept me going is MY NEW ALBUM!

FEEL YOUR PAIN drops on 12/3, with singles dropping throughout the fall. I'm real excited about this album, which will be available on vinyl and streaming. I recorded it at home during quarantine and I'm really impressed with the results. 

Stay safe, folks. We'll see you out there eventually!



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