Like most musicians, Russell began playing at an early age. After years of piano and horns, Russell taught himself how to play guitar and began writing his first songs at age fourteen. By his mid-20s, Russell had found himself drawn to American folk music and bluegrass in particular.


In 2006, Russell relocated from Pennsylvania to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Shortly after moving he started the popular Southwestern Americana band The Porter Draw, who he would stay with for eight years, releasing five albums of aggressive takes on American folk and country. In 2016, on the cusp of his first solo release “Rise”, Russell left the band and began touring the country in earnest.


The folksy “Rise” was followed quickly by the EP “Seasons”, which gathered critical acclaim for its dreamy combination of folk and new wave music. It was at this time when Russell was selected as a National Parks Artist-in-Residence at Big Bend National Park. It was at Big Bend where Russell began the writing of his ambitious opus “Wave/Water”, which released, again to acclaim, in April 2018. The album walked further away from traditional folk music and employed airy synthesizers, drum loops, and ethereal guitar to great effect.


In Winter 2019, Russell released his first ambient album titled “Alarms”. This release included his first experiments in ambient composition and looping. Also, in Winter 2019, Russell began recording what would become his third full-length album, again with Bill Palmer engineering and providing production insight.


“Pay Attention” released in August 2019 is the result of two year’s worth of writing, composition, and production. Russell recorded the majority of the album at his home in the mountains of New Mexico and played most of the instruments himself. Producer Bill Palmer’s guiding hand made sure Russell’s ideas would translate well into the recording. This album is a departure from Russell’s earlier work, focusing on electronic elements more than organic. It is a true combination of the dreampop/ambient aesthetic and traditional singer-songwriter material; a genre Russell has dubbed “Dreamfolk”.


Russell relocated from New Mexico to Corvallis, Oregon in the summer of 2019. He will be touring all over the northwest and California to promote “Pay Attention”. The rest of the country will have a chance to see him in 2020.

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